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As soon as you enter the Xiknal hotel, a universe of sensations runs through your entire body. The senses wake up and make you feel at home. The smells of childhood return to you, the taste of some soups, the touch of the earth, the green of the living. You sharpen your ear and you can hear the singing of the cenzontles that nest here, while a hummingbird of bright green belly rests in front of you. Xiknal means “flight” in Maya. These six letters reflect the essence of this place and the respect for the culture of this land. With this name we honor the earth and all those who inhabit and inhabited it. Before choosing it, we ask permission from the island, the goddess Itzel and all our ancestors. And Xiknal is also getting home, a home where you can retire to feel hugged. It’s mother’s and grandmother’s love. The really important thing is the family and helping those who are next to you.



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