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A HOTEL WITH HISTORY The first Panamerican Airlines flights arrived on the island of Cozumel in the late 1920s, on the scale of the Miami-Panama flight. The passengers surely admired it, but it was not until 1948 that a Panamanian freighter who ran aground on the eastern side detonated tourism on the Island. Mr. Charles Fair was sent to Cozumel to attend to the legal issues related to this foundation and, pleasantly impressed by its beauties, disseminated its attractions among his circle of acquaintances, which promoted the visit of the first tourists. However, it was the marriage of Ilya and Elena Chamberlain, who arrived in 1956, who began with the tourist infrastructure. Delighted by Cozumel and its natural attractions, they rented this property and started a lodging service with 6 rooms and kitchen with the name of “Mayaluum” or Mayan land. This hotel operated until the early 1960s. PUERTO LIBRE still belongs to the descendants of the first owners of the property.



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